We have a fully comprehensive insurance policy provided by Allianz, which is included with your rental. 

There is a  of £750, but our insurance policy allows for fair wear and tear. 

As with all car insurance, in the event of an insurance claim then there is a process whereby the insurance companies involved work together to determine liability.

Here's how this works in practice.

  1. If the accident or damage is deemed to be your fault, then you are liable to pay the deposit, i.e. Liquid charges your credit card with the previously authorised £750 in accordance with the damage value. This means if the damage is above £750, then £750 is charged. If the damage is below £750, then the damage amount is charged and the difference reimbursed. 
  2. If the accident was not your fault, unfortunately we have to capture the deposit until the liability has been established between the 2 insurance companies. If both insurance companies agree that you are not at fault, then £750 deposit will be reimbursed. If the insurance companies decide that you were at fault, then case 1 applies.

Please refer to the full Terms and Conditions for a full breakdown.

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